Creating a Gazebo Roof

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Raising objects - Creating Roofs
I wanted to learn how to create a roof, the ability to raise an object from where the object sits. I found a youtube video and everyone kept asking, "How did you do that?" All the person responded with was "Use the move tool" but that was all they said. What he didn't tell him was that you have to hold the Alt key as you're moving/raising the area upwards. That is the only way it will work for some projects People tend to think that withholding information keeps them on above everyone else but it actually shows how selfish they really are. That's where people like me come in. I have no problem telling people straight out what is what. I think it's cruel to hold back information that could help someone accomplish, advance or move ahead with what they're trying to do. Just sayin.......

Differences between Prims, Sculpts, Mesh and Uploading Mesh

I realize there's a lot of debate on these subjects. First let me say that I am not here to debate anyone or anything. Many people have their own ideas between the differences and that's fine.

There also seems to be a some confusion when uploading a "Mesh". When you upload an item, most browsers it may say, "Upload Mesh" or "Upload Object" depending on which browser you're using, it's simply the browser's terminology for the object you are uploading and nothing more. So don't let that throw you.


As far as the differences between Prims, Sculpts and mesh... Keep in mind that I am simply sharing information that I found useful from around the internet for a better understanding the differences below.

A sculpty is a special variety of mesh object. It has a fixed number of vertices, so you cannot extrude or remove any. All you can do is shove them around. That restricts how complex your models can be, and means that some kinds of models are impossible.

A primitive, or prim, is a single-part object. Multi-part objects will have multiple parts ("prims"). Virtual physical objects such as cars, houses, jewelry, and even less obvious things like hair and clothing are made out of one or more prims.

Mesh is object or objects are "rigged" when it is anchored to your avatar's bone structure, so that it moves and bends as your av does. Learning how to do that is another subset of skills.

Just as having too many scripts can cause lag, too many prims will also cause Lag that you will experience in your world.

Map Viewing Results with Map Options

Keep in mind the higher the settings, the longer the load time and the more resources it will take. Although the graphics will be more and more realistic, it will slow down or even timeout depending on your computer. Note: that If you are hosting a grid using your computer, I do not recommend "Best" Setting. I have found that if you can run GTA5 on your computer as far as graphics, ram and video, you should have no problem. I have found that to be a great test, for me anyways, that has always proved accurate. You can check GTA5 requirements here.

For a Better FPS

Want better FPS? Check these settings in your viewer:
Make sure you set cache as high as possible for speedy loading of places you have already been to. Keep in mind adjusting settings may not be the best thing for your computer. Be sure to make sure your computer is able to run the higher end graphics. Again.. if you can run GTA5 on your computer, you should have no problem.

Set the GPU to use as much of the RAM as possible and disable two settings and enable two more in Hardware

Creating a Sandbox

Most regions are set to NO BUILD but a sandbox is where people can place items on the ground from their inventory. Open boxes they purchased/copied while shopping and the testing of those objects, scripts, etc. they have just received.

When creating a Sandbox for others to use in Opensim or for Second Life, you have to be sure to change the settings so objects so people can build and their objects will be returned to the them after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Whether it's 1 hour or 4 hours. You can create a region specifically for a sandbox or section a part of the land, then divide into a subregion which would make it the designated area (a region within a region) for the sole purpuse of a sandbox. Any and all building would be confined to that area for others to use, providing you're settings are properly set.

For a 4 hour return on items left in the sandbox are usually 4 hours ie. 240 minutes, unless youchoose to give more or less time. Example of settings for a sandbox below. Hope this helps!

Quick Time references
Hours/Days to Minutes

1 Hour
60 mins
2 Hours
120 mins
3 Hours
180 mins
5 Hours
300 mins
10 Hours
600 mins
12 Hours
720 mins
1 day/24 Hours
1,440 mins

3 Days

4,320 Mins

1 week/7 days
30 days
60 Days
90 Days
120 Days
1 Year 365/days

There are 525,600 mins in One Year which is equivalent to 8,760 hours that are in One year. NOT counting Leap Year.


If you're new to opensim and not sure where to get free items or you need ideas to start creating, you can visit our other pages here for many Raw files, Oar files and lots of freebies. You can also visit any of our regions once in-world where you'll find lots of free stuff to get you started.

Collecting Free Stuff

When shopping for Free stuff, this is how you obtain it and find it in your inventory. There are hundreds of regions that give free stuff all the time and there are some who sell their items to cover their hosting/server services so they can continue to provide regions and serve you the very best way they can.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Fix for a .dae Parsing Error

When I get that error, I go back into sketchup or whatever program I'm using at that time and I completly unlink/ungroup/unfreeze all objects in the model. Once I have done that, I "Select All" and render as a .dae and upload it and it seems to work without a problem for me. I realize not all cases are the same but I have always found that this seems to work for me, without fail. So far.

SIM (Region) Sizes

Whether you're just starting your own grid, picking a region location from our grid or in another grid, or wanting to know what .raw or .oar file to use... it is important to know your region sizes. Keep in mind the larger the region, the greater possiblity the region may take a little longer to load due to the size.


Mouse over for SIM (Region) Sizes

"Varregion" is a feature of OpenSimulator that enables region sizes larger than 256x256. The region is just larger so it acts like a regular region but with borders farther apart.

Solve the issue of "opensim missing physics_convex block"
Click the cube to download the 00_PhysicsCube.dae file (2.48kb)
Running into that issue can be a real time consumming issue as well as frustrating. Especially when it's a model you really took the time to create and want to see in-world. I have found this method to work for me 99.99% of the time. I hope it helps you as well. I have also included step by step screenshots as well. It may not work for everyone... but it works for me and I hope it works for you! If this method doesn't work, I suggest using the Singularity Viewer and under the Level of Detail/Physics tab, Choose Medium and then click Analyze then under General tab choose "USE LOD ABOVE"
3.) Click Generate Normals and upload.

1.) Browse to the model you're uploading, then go to the physics tab and choose the load from file and browse to the "00_PhysicsCube.dae" you just downloaded from this page.
2.)Go back to Level of Detail tab and Choose "USE LOD ABOVE"
3.) Click Generate Normals and upload.

REMINDER: If you want textures uploaded go to "Upload Options" and make sure to check to include textures.

...And that should do it!!! Hope this helps!



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