Firestorm Beta 6.4.5 (60799) EEP!

On Tuesday, July 28th, 2020, Firestorm released a beta version of their viewer – – that provides support for the Lab’s Environment Enhancement Project (EEP), and which includes a number of other Lab-specific updates to the viewer, such as the Camera Presets capability. Although it has been scrapped by Firestorm, we have the Firestorm Beta 6.4.5 (60799) Version avaliable for download by Clicking here. For information and help setting up your EEP GO HERE!


A glimpse at the Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP)





Great News!!

The Partnership Scripts works in the "Love is in the Air" Chapel. If you want to start a partnership or end one, it can be done at the chapel.

Once you relog in, you will see your partner listed on your profile.

Click on photo for larger view


If you join partnerships at our chapel, and would like to have your picture on the wall inside our chapel, simply send me your pic in world or on the Opensim World page and I will be happy to add it! It will look like this...

LandMark availabe at the Welcome Center!


Free Desktop Wallpaper Download size 1812 x 903 Right Click and "Save As"

Free Facebook Timeline Cover Download size 850 x 315 Right Click and "Save As"

Love is in the Air is now Now Open!!

It's that time of year where Love is in the Air!! Romantic Getaways, Get married/create partnership or dissolve existing partnership. (we have the partnership script) at the chapel. All buildings have been created especially for this world. Feel free to stay in our Hotel, one of our homes or our Honeymoon Suite, dance, take a carriage ride, hang out at the club or just spend time with that special someone while creating moments those breath taking moments will last forever. Head over to our WELCOME CENTER and Grab a LM for the "LOVE IS IN THE AIR" region. You will find this region is one of the most beautiful and romantic regions you'll find. We hope you enjoy this beautiful region. You can find our Opensim Page for more info Here:


Be sure to pick up your free gift at the Welcome Center
to celebrate Valentines Day!



We have successfully created our very own 3D Grid and are now open to the public!!

Here's what that means for YOU!!!!



Be sure and register a free account and if you like what you see, you can rent your own region!

More photos of SE3D worlds can be seen in the Gallery