Opensim - SecondLife Browser Review

I decided to do a browser test between Singularity, Firestorm and Alchemy and Test graphics, LOD load times, options, and how it runs on your system. All 3 browsers were set on default environmental settings: Sunset. Below I give my own opinion on the best and worst points of each browser.

Singularity - Loads fast, easy on your system, graphics on default okay but not great. Gives Admin abilities and advanced development abilities. Loads LOD's, graphics quickly. Uploads most models without an issue. For objects that are more complex uploads are better in Firestorm. For world sounds it is difficult to set the default sound for the world such as music and/or nature sounds. Managing the Telehub works about 70% the time. Often crashes during teleports.

Firestorm - Graphics on default are okay but graphics using EEP environmental settings are amazing. Firestorm can upload more complex objects easier than the others. LOD graphics take a bit longer to load, but once they're in, you're good. Does not give Admin abilities or advanced development options but gives you the opportunity to request admin option but does not work because even if its your grid, you don't get the request to approve. I felt limited as far as admin control for my own grid and worlds. Firestorm is easy to set the world sounds and setting the telehub works 100% of the time. Firestorm also does 360° photos where the other browsers do not give that option but never crashes on teleporting.

Alchemy - Graphics on default and are gorgeous! Doesn't seem to have an issue uploading and not too hard on your system. Does not give Admin abilities or advanced development options or the opportunity to request admin. Does give a DO NOT DISTURB option along with a few options not found in the other browsers. No issues when teleporting.

CONCLUSION: For graphics, Alchemy is far best with graphics on Default. Firestorm is best for using EEP Settings, complex uploads, Telehub management and for setting world sounds. Singularity is best when building when you need full control of your own world and items with the admin controls.

Below are images of the same location with all 3 browsers.

We are now listed in the HyperGrid Business

I am so happy to report we are now listed in the HyperGrid Business Website. Although they have us listed as SE3D Worlds, We are there!

You can visit their website by clicking the image below

We are now offering FREE regions



If you are a member of this grid and you're unable to rent a region at this time, we are offering a free homestead lot where you can build your own home here on our grid with 5000 prims for as long as you need. Simply renew the rental agreement every 30 days by clicking the mailbox. Just head over to the Galactic Homestead and choose where you would like to build your own dream home that you would like to see come into this reality. Visualizing your dream home shouldn't be hindered by finances. For members of this Grid only. No Exceptions. If you are new to the hyper-grid unable to build a home, homes will be available at the community center. Sorry...No Exceptions.

Click image below for a larger view


Securing your Grid to Prevent Grief Attacks
Griefer attacks can be a major issue in virtual environments by causing harm and disruption to users and their creations. There are several steps that can be taken to mitigate these attacks and ensure a safe and secure virtual experience in OpenSimulator and DreamGrid.

Verify Your Members: Check your Members list regularly to see who your new members are. The known griefers can easily be disabled so that they cannot gain access to your grid as a new member.

Limit Group Access: Griefers often join groups with loose membership requirements to gain access to your grid and its resources. To prevent this, make sure that your grid has strict membership requirements for all groups, and consider disabling or limiting the permissions of any groups that are not essential to the operation of your grid.

Limit The Ability to Move Objects: Make sure "Anyone can Move" is off on your Objects.

Restrict Building and Scripting for Guests : Guests are often griefers, so it's important to limit their access to building and scripting functions. Consider disabling building and scripting for guests entirely. Limit their permissions so that they can only use these functions in designated areas. This can help prevent griefers from using these tools to cause harm to other users or their creations.

DreamGrid has many tools to help with griefers:

The Regions List has a column that shows you Parcel Permissions. It shows if the script, rez or land editing are enabled. These should be turned off.

The Setup->Settings->Region form has a button named "Make Regions No Rez". This will set the database so visitors cannot rez objects or run scripts. You must reboot the region for this to go into effect.

DreamGrid has special features that prevent loading OARS with these permissions set. After loading an OAR, the safe permissions take effect on next boot.

New regions will have Rez and Scripts off by default.

Implement Anti-Grief Tools : There are various ways to implement anti-grief tools available for OpenSim grids. Anti-grief tools mitigate the risk of attacks. Using your Firestorm or Singularity Viewer.

Region Monitoring such as

Access Lists: Add the avatars who you would like to enter your Sim on a white list-Banned on a Black List

Object Permissions: Set to no copy no modifying

Object Locking: When an object is locked, users are prevented from making changes to its properties, such as size, color, and position.

Estate Ban System: If you wish to prevent people from accessing the region/estate, they may be added here.

Object Autoreturn: Allows a timed return of objects other than owner or group owned. If set to 0 the timer is off, otherwise will return items after a set number of minutes. Before setting this please make sure all items on your land are set to the same group the land is deeded to. Then when anything is left on land not belonging to you or group it will delete after the time indicated.

For example, auto-return can be used to automatically return items that are left in inappropriate locations. Object Locking is an anti-grief tool in OpenSim that allows estate managers to restrict modifications or movements of specific objects in virtual regions. Research your viewer to see what Anti-grief tools it has.

Monitor User Activity : Regular monitoring of user activity can help detect and prevent grief attacks before they cause significant harm. Consider using tools like log files and network monitoring tools to track user activity, and take action if you see any suspicious behavior.

Bans can be set for Grids, IP addresses, Viewers, and MAC addresses, and In V 3.53 and greater, for Disk ID's. MAC addresses are a serial number found in Ethernet cards. These bans shut off incoming traffic by using Robust capabilities, and by adding entries to the Windows Firewall. They are not a total solution but can work in many cases. This may not be effective as the login name can be changed, the Viewer Name can be tweaked, they may have another PC with a different MAC or they may have changes it, and the IP may change by the ISP or come from a VPN. You can get the Login Name and Grid http://name:port, IP address, and MAC address of people from the Robust log as it happens. You can also look in the menu system at Help ->View Logs->Robust to view the log with Baretail.exe or Notepad.

Tips: If you are griefed with many items strewn about---->Please don't delete everything named "Object'!

You can get the UUID of any griefer from the prim Information. Then you can delete all Griefer prims from the console using these commands:

delete object owner <UUID> - Delete a scene object by owner

delete object creator <UUID> - Delete a scene object by creator

delete object name <name> - Delete a scene object by name.

delete object name [--regex] <name> - Delete a scene object by name. A regex is a regular expression. Example: you have seagulls named ‘seagull1, seagull2, etc.’. I would use –regex /seagull\d/ to delete any with a digit. Or /seagull.*/ to do any seagull with extra text. This last one will also delete seagull_by_ferd, so it’s best to be very careful here!

If you are griefed and you have a lot of regions, you can add any of the above commands into Opensim\bin\startup_commands.txt. Then restart the grid and all those bits will go poof.

Keep software updated: Regularly updating the software and plugins used on your OpenSim grid can help prevent security vulnerabilities from being exploited by malicious actors.

In conclusion, taking these steps can help secure your OpenSimulator grid and prevent griefer attacks. By verifying user identity, limiting group access, restricting building and scripting for guests, implementing anti-grief tools, and monitoring user activity, you can create a safe and secure virtual environment for your users.


What is immersive virtual reality? (Immersive VR)

Firestorm VR Mod is a version of the popular Firestorm Viewer for Second Life and OpenSimulator with modifications to provide VR capabilities for VR Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) via SteamVR. Firestorm VR Mod is now available from (Assets)

For Firestorm VR Mod Community Support use the Discord Discussion Channel:
P373R-WORKSHOP by p373r_kappler [Invite]

Firestorm using ReleaseFS_open config plus VR Mod built using GitHub Actions

App name has been changed to "FirestormVR" so installation can exist side-by-side with stock Firestorm
settings stored in user folder AppData/Roaming/FirestormVR_x64
cache stored in user folder AppData/Local/FirestormVROS_x64

core diff (just VR Mod vs. Upstream)

full diff (full GHA vs. Upstream, including build scripts specific to github actions)


XBox One/360 controller to run with the Oculus Rift installation


When things go wrong with Firestorm this fix will get you back up and running smoothly with or without vr:


Go to Preferences > Network & Files > Directories
Click the 'Open Settings Folder' button

A window will popup. Keep this window open.
Log off of the viewer (all accounts, if you have more than one logged in).
Delete everything you see inside the folder.
Navigate up one level to the folder above.
Now locate the folders which have the names of your avatar(s).
In each of these folders, locate the file settings_per_account.xml and Delete it.

Then next time you log in, All settings will be reset to default and odd things which I recently encountered ---->losing the Legend Panel from Map, this fixed it.

Downloads Here

How to protect your server from hackers, Priscila's etc.

Protect your region and/or Grid from hackers, Priscila's and DDOS atack is very easy, but most grid owners continue to not protect their grid and servers.

There is 3 simple step guide for admins:

1. Disable BUILD for all visitors, guests, friends..... ONLY OWNERS MUST BUILD! Priscila use THIS option to fill your sim with cocks!
About land: Options:
Edit terrain: NO!!! Only SIM owner!
Fly: yes, why not?
Build: NO!!! Only SIM owners!
Object Entry: NO!!! Only SIM owners!
Run Script: yes! or mesh body like Athena will not work properly
Safe (no damage): YES!!!
2. Always use router or at least software firewal:
On your router:
my server use IP port 9000-9010, some server may use 8002
don't open port 8003, 3306, 3389 or other numbers what you see somewhere!
config redirect
option src 'wan'
option name 'SIM'
option target 'DNAT'
option dest 'lan'
option dest_port '9000-9010'
option src_dport '9000-9010'
option reflection_src 'external'
option dest_ip '192.168.xx.xx'
list proto 'tcp'
list proto 'udp'

config nat
option src_port '9000-9010'
option name 'OpenSim'
option dest_port '9000-9010'
option src 'lan'
option src_ip '192.168.xx.xx'
list proto 'tcp'
list proto 'udp'
option target 'SNAT'
option snat_ip 'WAN ip XX.XX.XX.XX'

config rule
option src_port '123'
option src 'wan'
option name 'opensimDROP'
option dest 'lan'
list dest_ip '192.168.xx.xx'
option target 'DROP'
list proto 'udp'
option dest_port '9000'

config rule
option src_port '1900'
option src 'wan'
option name 'opensimDropp'
option dest 'lan'
list dest_ip '192.168.xx.xx'
option target 'DROP'
list proto 'udp'
3. Make backups!

We are Ready for Christmas!

Not Only are we ready for Christmas... We have a Beautiful Christmas Gift just for YOU! We created a "Christmas Starter Town" with plenty of room to add your own items into the Region to make it your very own! You will find the region on the OAR page of this site. You can also visit in-world by grabbing a landmark or just teleporting to the HOLIDAY REGION!!

From Our Family to Yours.... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Loving those Thanksgiving Memories
I remember as a kid, going to Grandma's, then visiting cousins, aunts, uncles... Remember that "Home" feeling. I created this Oar in hopes that it will bring some of that nostalgia back along with some of those wonderful memories as well. You remember that song we used to sing in school, Over the River and Through the Woods........... I was thinking of that when creating the oar. Wonderful times!


New Mesh Loader Options in Firestorm!
Select from the Source dropdown how you will specify your model's LOD:

Load from file:

Manually upload .dae files for models at any level of detail. This enables you to control how your model looks at each level of detail, preserving key visual features that the automated algorithms may otherwise distort. If the viewer can “auto-detect” lower LOD models when it first loads the model, these will be shown in the corresponding LOD “slots” here.

Generate Auto:

Generate a new model at the currently previewed level of detail based on the model you uploaded. This method currently defaults to using the sloppy method and tries to set a target number of triangles based upon the high LOD. This is the method applied when first selecting your model if no auto-detected LODs are found.
Generate Precise: Uses the newer method (mesh optimiser) to construct a LOD model. This is more accurate than the “sloppy” method but will result in a more detailed model. Target triangle settings and thresholds are very loosely adhered to.

Generate Sloppy:

Uses the newer method (mesh optimiser) to construct a LOD model. The “sloppiness” relates to the accuracy of the result compared with the original. Target triangle settings and thresholds are very loosely adhered to.

Generate Reliable:

Uses the older method (GLOD) to construct a LOD model. This method is what we have been used to in the past; it gives reliable results based upon the target settings.


For all generated LODs the following settings are available:


Triangle limit: Enter the maximum number of triangles for the model at the selected level of detail. This number must not exceed the number of triangles in the LOD above it.

Error threshold: Increase this value to decrease the amount of detail retained during simplification. For example, setting this value to 0.1 results in a model that is simplified to 90% of the original model's accuracy.

Note: At present, the new Mesh Optimiser options have very poor adherence to these and can result in unexpectedly high Land Impact if you do not take care to check before upload

Use LOD above: Copy the next higher level of detail. If you set Medium, Low, and Lowest to this setting, only the model for High will be used.

Jack and Sally's Place

Marianna Monentes of Virtual HG Magazine was kind enough to write an article in the sim review regarding Jack and Sally's place. A BIG THANK YOU for such a wonderful article.You can READ IT HERE. Click the Screenshot below to read the full article.

Need I say more..............

Photo by Alan Scot of Outworlz/DreamGrid

Opensim passes Second Life

Interesting Factoid: There are 2,915 Region Instances currently listed in the DreamGrid DYN DNS database, totalling 33,405 SL-sized regions. This includes only the and regions and only those running the later versions of DreamGrid. So this is a 'short count'.

In spite of that, we are 2X the size of all SL Private Estates and larger than all of Second Life, including mainland and Linden land and homes. IP addresses and other domains to will also be added as well so look for that to show up, so this stat will be interesting to see in the near future!

Photo by Fred Beckhusen of Outworlz/DreamGrid

Heads up...............
There's a new scam out there and it freaked me out. I received this email this morning , directly from PayPal. BUT.... I went directly to PayPal, I DID NOT click on their link. I logged in to my PayPal and there was a notification for estimate. I clicked the notification IN PAYPAL and it said the invoice was removed. But it was scary. Here is a copy of what I got in my email and I also found a video describing the scam. If you receive something like this, DO NOT call them or click their link. GO DIRECTLY to PayPal or OR CALL PAYPAL DIRECTLY, do NOT click the their link or call the phone number they give in the email. Stay alert, Stay aware and Stay safe.


Halloween has arrived at The Shirls SE3D Worlds!


skul town

Simply head over to our welcome center and you will find a halloween scene, click the box for a copy of the scene and grab the LM to get to Skull Town.


Keep your eyes peeled... We have added a Holiday Region that you can explore on our grid. You can also download a copy of your very own from either here on our website and/or Outworldz.

Holiday Regions schedule are as following:



Friday, Sept. 15, 2022 until Thursday, November 24, 2022.










The unending debate between Second Life and Opensim continues...

OpenSimulator is an open-source server platform originally launched in 2007 for hosting virtual worlds and metaverse environments, which make it more affordable to the average person like you and I. Opensim is largely compatible with the virtual world Second Life. Don't get me wrong, I love Second Life as much as most of you and I love to visit during the holidays just to take the beauty of it all, but I wouldn't want to pay the type of prices they charge when I can enjoy the same thing at an affordable cost.

OpenSimulator is written in C# and is designed to be easily expanded through the use of plugin modules such as Diva, etc. OpenSimulator can operate in one of two modes: standalone or grid mode. In standalone mode, a single process handles the entire simulation. In grid mode, various aspects of the simulation are separated among multiple processes, which can exist on different machines.

Many people seem to think that the term "Opensim" means everything is free and that is not the case. Opensim is simply an open platform for others to be able to contribute to the software development for improving the function, modules, plugins, EEP's for better runtime environment and experience for all to enjoy.

That doesn't mean just because the development software is free that everything else is free.There is so much more to it.

In the PDF blow you will find the Pro's and Con's to both Second Life and Opensim. I believe that if you're paying for server space, hosting, hardware and maintenance then you should be able to charge for regions rentals and items of your own creation.

The point I am trying to illustrate is that opensim uses the hardware, bandwidth and operating environment, hosting, server and maintenance costs. OSgrid is constantly asking residents for donations to keep their grid open, which is understandable considering it takes money to run because nothing is free.

There are some grids such as ZetaWorlds, Kitely, NeverWorld among others including my own grid that charge a monthly fee but at a reasonable cost that is affordable for you and is able to cover the costs on our end to continue bringing you the very best we can. Because everything costs money.

You might be able to get free land somewhere but rest assured, $OMEBODY Is paying for it and it is only fair that if you're getting free land, you should at donate what and when you can or contribute in some way. Some grids have strict do's and don'ts but ours are very simple.... You can read the Terms of Service here.


"Sometimes the cost of FREE for you is very HIGH for others"
(I can amost see grid operators nodding their heads at this statement.)

I am not against free stuff, I give lots of free stuff all the time. I just think it is unfair for people to EXPECT everything to be free when the grid owner is paying for the hosting, bandwidth, server costs and maintence.

Another thing... I see nothing wrong with selling items of your own creation. People need to realize creating those items take time, effort and hard work to create things for others to enjoy. If you're the creator and you want to give it away, Great! If you're the creator and you want to sell your item, Great!!

I can't believe I'm having to say this but.....


As long as you're the creator of that item, I see no reason why you can't sell it, give it away or do what you want with it. That is for nobody else to say but you.

Once again I am blessed to have been featured in another article by Virtual-HD Magazine. I was asked to create a Gateway so others can add to their grid for easy access to my grid. Click the big Screen-shot image below to read it. (You may have to scroll down)


I am blessed to have been featured in an article with Virtual-HD Magazine. Click the big Screen-shot image below to read the article. A very special "Thank You" to Marianna Monentes of Continuum Grid from

(You may have to scroll down)



Click on photo below for a larger view!



We have completed our interactive region map of some of our most popular regions. You will find this map fun and informative. Mouse over each region to learn more. Please be sure pop up blocker if off for this page. Some regions still currently under construction.
Christmas Lights, Sled Rides, Train Ride, Gift Hunts, Ice Skating, Sledding, Sking, Dancing and more!!!


Gingerbread Buildings are FREE and available at the North Pole as our Christmas Gift to you!
Teleport located at the Welcome Center.



The Welcome Center
(Pictured above) 



Is Officially Open!!!

Enter through the TP located in the Welcome Center at SE3D Worlds!

Upcoming Events with Lots to do!
Visit the Christmas Forest and find hidden presents
Take a tour on Santa's sleigh around the grid
Ski, skate, dance, rent a free house for the holidays
Find hidden items through the entire region
Ride the Polar Express

...And more!


Here are a few screenshots...

Right click to view full size




Firestorm Beta 6.4.5 (60799) EEP!

On Tuesday, July 28th, 2020, Firestorm released a beta version of their viewer – – that provides support for the Lab’s Environment Enhancement Project (EEP), and which includes a number of other Lab-specific updates to the viewer, such as the Camera Presets capability. Although it has been scrapped by Firestorm, we have the Firestorm Beta 6.4.5 (60799) Version avaliable for download by Clicking here. For information and help setting up your EEP GO HERE!


A glimpse at the Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP)







Great News!!

The Partnership Scripts works in the "Love is in the Air" Chapel. If you want to start a partnership or end one, it can be done at the chapel.

Once you relog in, you will see your partner listed on your profile.

Click on photo for larger view


If you join partnerships at our chapel, and would like to have your picture on the wall inside our chapel, simply send me your pic in world or on the Opensim World page and I will be happy to add it! It will look like this...

LandMark availabe at the Welcome Center!


Free Desktop Wallpaper Download size 1812 x 903 Right Click and "Save As"

Free Facebook Timeline Cover Download size 850 x 315 Right Click and "Save As"

Love is in the Air is now Now Open!!

It's that time of year where Love is in the Air!! Romantic Getaways, Get married/create partnership or dissolve existing partnership. (we have the partnership script) at the chapel. All buildings have been created especially for this world. Feel free to stay in our Hotel, one of our homes or our Honeymoon Suite, dance, take a carriage ride, hang out at the club or just spend time with that special someone while creating moments those breath taking moments will last forever. Head over to our WELCOME CENTER and Grab a LM for the "LOVE IS IN THE AIR" region. You will find this region is one of the most beautiful and romantic regions you'll find. We hope you enjoy this beautiful region. You can find our Opensim Page for more info Here:


Be sure to pick up your free gift at the Welcome Center
to celebrate Valentines Day!



We have successfully created our very own 3D Grid and are now open to the public!!

Here's what that means for YOU!!!!