Recommended viewers
Freeware App "Download" .apk 10.4MB. Lumiya is an opensim viewer for mobile and tablet.
C++ based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win. Forked from SL viewer. Successor to Phoenix viewer. Another most widely used viewer on

Firestorm Beta 6.4.5
(Build 60799) EEP!

This is the Original beta of EEP

It is a beta viewer and will not count against Firestorm’s 3-available-versions rule. You do NOT have to uninstall your current Firestorm, and in fact we suggest that you keep it. The beta viewer will install alongside your existing Firestorm on a separate channel (on Windows). As per Firestorm's 3-version rule within 3 weeks’ time. Updated version can be found here as well.
C++ based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win. Forked from SL viewer. Successor to Phoenix viewer. The most widely used
Firestorm viewer VR mod project is for Second life and OpenSim to experience in aumented Reality.
C++ based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win. Forked from SL viewer. (Former name: Cool SL Viewer) 3rd party viewer with more options
The RLV enhances your experience when you use it in conjunction with RLV-compatible objects, that are very common around the SL/OS grid. It is primarily intended to be used by BDSM fans with BDSM oriented objects in-world, which are able to restrict the user from detaching items, receiving IMs, hearing chat, teleporting etc.
Makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.
Most Popular viewers are listed, but this link is for other viewers
RLV enhances can be enabled in the "Preferences" of all viewers listed above
Just a few easy steps to setup your browser, which only takes about about 30 - 60 seconds.
Once you've downloaded and installed your viewer, click "Preferences" in the upper left hand corner in FireStorm or in Singularity, the Grid Manager located at the bottom of the viewer.




Next steps
1. Click Opensim Tab
2. Add at the top where it says, "Add new grid" copy this URI and past it in.
3. Add Grid Name: SE3D Worlds
4. Add Splash Page URL:
5. Click ok
6. Sign in
All Steps are shown below

Some viewers has a button called "Get Info" or "Get Parameters" and will fill out the rest of the information for you once the URI is put in. IF the viewer has the info/parameteers button, it can be found DIRECTLY under the URI you just put in at the top. Other viewers such as FireStorm, you only need the URI and Name and click apply but our splash page will not be there, but it will still work. For Singulairty, just paste in the splash URL:

If you like this login page, then Singularity is best!