The best way to change your reality and to change your life is to change your mindset and your subconscious. Your life reflects your subconscious mind. To just listen to something, you come up against the opposition of the conscious mind which will always fight because of how your life is going. So you have to get around the conscious mind, hack it in a sense.

Here are some of the best Meditations, Affirmations and Hypnosis is always best to listen to it at night where you will be undisturbed.

It's best to put them into a playlist to listen to as you go to sleep. As you drift off to sleep, you brian goes into a Theta state where the subconscious can be re-trained. Children up to 7 years old are very impressionable because during that time their brain is in a Theta state where the subconscious mind is easy to train.

Guided Meditation Large Sums Of Money Come To Me Easily And Quickly by Brian Scott

Large Sums Of Money (I want large sums to come into my experience)
Come To Me (Yes it comes to me)
Easily And Quickly (You don't want it to be hard and you don't want to wait forever)
In Increasing Quantities (You want this to go up instead of stay stagnant)
From Multiple Sources (why depend on one source for your money?)
On a continuous basis (you don't want to just make this one time!)
In the best interest of all (allow money into your experience that is in the best interest of all, you don't want to break the law or hurt others to make it)
That I get to keep! (Often times you receive the money but then you have to spend it right away, it means nothing if you make and then have to spend it)

The affirmation plays binaurally in both ears to create an induction effect to override your subconscious mind and reprogram your belief system.

Do this with feeling, treat it as a memory, accept it as the truth, become it.

How to use your Imagination by Neville Goddard
Here are some of my Favorite Meditations From around the net that are powerful.